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Denise’s Real Time Graphical Interface
Face Detection and Recognition
Speech Recognition in Command Mode
Text to Speech with Nuance High Quality US English Samantha voice
AIML Custom Tags
Weather Forecast
E-mail Send and Receive
News from RSS feeds
Keep informed all the time
Computer Searching
Web Searching
Media Player
Video Player
Skype, MSN and Facebook Integration
Web Radio
Image Browser
Open Computer Applications
Theaters and Movies Showtime
Wikipedia Search
Holy Bible
Text Translation
Artificial Intelligence Engine
PandoraBots Interface Integration
Artificial Intelligence Editor (Build your own Knowledge Base)
Use of Custom AIML sets in any language
Free Chat with your new Best friend Denise
Agenda for Appointments and Meetings
Web TV
Upload Images and Videos to YouTube and Picasa
Convert Music CD to MP3
Google and Bing Search
M.I.T START Search
Use other synthesized TTS voices in any language
Editable English Commands AIML sets (Very useful for localizing to other languages)
Speech Recognition in Dictation Mode with Nuance Dragon 12.5 for English and Spanish
Build and Customize your own Voice Commands for better Speech Recognition
Kiosk Studio Module (Build PowerPoint like presentations with Denise)
SDK (Partially Available)
Business Use (At office / Kiosks)
E-mail / Forum Support
E-mail / Forum / System Analysts Support
Integration with 3rd part application
Microsoft Kinects Interface (Already available in Beta for Denise Platinum and Business users)

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