NextOS – About Us

NextOS (former Guile 3D Studio) is a company founded in 2011 by System Analyst, Artificial Intelligence specialist and 3D Graphic Artist Guile Lindroth. Visit his blog to see what is happening now at NextOS

The company today is the world reference for Digital and Virtual Assistants. For the past six years, we have developed our own technology for both an Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Graphic Engines,  as well as our unique photo-realistic Virtual Human-Machine interface. We have just released our Mobile version of Denise for Android called “nxt Friend Denise” in Google Play Store. All photo-realistic Avatars are created by our talented team of 3D artists, designers and animators. Our Artificial Intelligence engine was developed by our System Analysts, Natural Language specialists and in collaboration with several scientists and Universities around the world. Our goal is to make human-machine interaction easy for everyone, using the most advanced technologies available today,  like speech synthesis and recognition, face and object identification, natural language, artificial intelligence and emotional analysis. We see our clients as partners, friends and whole humans with hearts, minds and spirits, that are also willing to make a difference in our world. Our mission is to help the our world to become a better place, offering our advanced technology to help everyone’s daily activities as well as offering accessibility tools for improving the human-machine interaction. For many years, we have seen so many Virtual Assistants in science fiction movies help crew members to reach distant planets and fight hostiles aliens. NextOS has made this dream come true to every human, not to conquer distant worlds, but to make everyone’s life easier with all the best technology can offer. We invite you to be part of this new world, and help us improving Denise’s intelligence and capabilities. Welcome! NextOS Team 2015 Watch our video about Denise’s Origins