Holographic Denise in Assistive Expo

Holographic Denise in Assistive Expo. During a Assistive Technology Expo, Guile 3D performed the first test for the Home Automation system in Denise. We are showing some very nice technologies there:

- A Holographic projection of a full body Denise. Generally the image is very clear, but because our stand is kind of small, the projector had to stay to close to the acrylic, but we are improving this by using different projectors.

- The room being controlled is located in another city. Denise is remotely sending the commands via Internet to the Z-Wave devices connected to the lights and appliances in the room.

- Everything is commanded by voice

- The image of the remote room is transmitted in real time by a IP camera, also connected to Denise and to the Z-Wave network.

This will be our biggest test using all this tech in real time. We had to make a lot of adjustments in the Speech Recognition system because of the background noise, but it end up so well that we could even use the laptop embedded microphone.