New Release Update March 4, 2015

Fixed - Denise executable and .dll files have a renewed certificate from Symantec that will avoid anti-virus to delete those files
Fixed - After installing Denise, clicking in the “”Click here to start”” Button to Start the Speech Recognition voice training was freezing Denise
Fixed - Clicking on an e-mail to open it was crashing Denise
Fixed - Not updating e-mails
Fixed - Button to attach file in an e-mail not working
Fixed - When composing a new e-mail and writing the e-mail subject, the active field was going back to the destination field
Fixed - In some cases, after installing Denise the system would freeze on the “checking installation” screen
Fixed - “Windows cannot find \guile3d\guile3d.exe” message
Fixed - When logging in to Denise using Face Recognition, Denise’s Avatar was showing duplicated
Fixed - Speaking “CORRECT THAT” was crashing the system
Fixed - In the “Media Player” Setup, choosing a song’s folder was not working due to strange characters in the folder’s name
Fixed - Clicking on a “Feeds” link was not opening the Feeds Web page
Fixed - “Forget your Password” link in the login screen not working
Fixed - Bug when editing a contact info
Fixed - Search results links in the right window not opening the source Web page
Fixed - Adding a new event with map info in Denise’s Agenda not working
Fixed - OCR (Optical character Recognition) feature not working
Fixed - Plugging in a USB device was not automatically opening a window and asking user what to do
Fixed - “Script Editor” not available in Denise’s task bar (when right clicking on Denise’s icon)
Fixed - “Store” icons and images not showing
Fixed - “Web Browser” icon not showing in the right menu
Fixed - On Denise’s start up, some files were appearing in the Windows Trash
Fixed - Several minor bugs
Fixed - Several memory leaks
Fixed - Memory management improvement