New Release Update January 21, 2015

Updated: Several overall performance improvements
Updated: SQLiteStudio updated to Ver 3.01

Fixed: When you open Denise, she now speaks random welcome phrases as used to be.
Fixed: Login to Denise was changing the user name and password with different characters, and thus creating an error that user could not login to Denise.
Fixed: Problems in the inclusion and implementation of new custom voice commands that were adding characters with 20%
Fixed: Random issues when enabling and disabling Speech Recognition system
Fixed: Avatar causing system crash when asked to increase the size.
Fixed: Some words accents were appearing with strange characters.
Fixed: Denise not reading the news.
Fixed: Lack sqlstudio in installation. User needs to install from Store, or using the install “Advanced” option.
Fixed: Kernel errors when closing Denise
Fixed: System crash when clicking on news from the right feeds window. News did not open
Fixed: In the Calendar tasks module, the option to change the color does not show the one which you have chosen
Fixed: In the Calendar Alarm module, button to attach a file open a window with message “GETFILE”
Fixed: In the module “Help” option to “Open Support Ticket” the attachment button opens a window to “Select a File” to attach but shows files available to choose.
Fixed: Selecting text to drag and drop into the avatar was not making Denise to Speak Aloud the selected text. Tested and working with texts in Firefox, Outlook, Word, Chrome, Wordpad e Internet Explorer. Still does not work with text using Windows Notepad.