New Release Update May 27, 2013

New: Implemented the possibility to add individual AIML sets for every Avatar. For now, this feature is only enable only Guile 3D team to later also enable for users to use it.
New: System validation now uses SSL protection system to avoid cracking
New: Guile 3D executables and dll are now certified by Symantec Norton and several other antivirus to avoid those to delete or give false alarm with Denise files during installation and while updating or running the
New: All modules have now a Secure Digital Signature
New: New OCR Module (Optical Character Recognition). Type “OCR” in chat to load it, or plug any USB device that contains images with text on it. Some features:

  • - Convert text in any image to voice
  • - Saved images listing
  • - Option to automatically translate the converted text to other language. To use this feature, you must have a TTS voice¬† in the target language installed in your computer.
  • - Option to convert text in 24 languages

Updated: Compilation of the whole system using the new Delphi XE4, making system faster, better use of memory and CPU, and several other small improvements on overall system performance.
Updated: Improvements on the user validation on system startup, making system to start faster.
Updated: Improvements on the Avatar Graphic engine performance
Updated: Improvements on the update process
Updated: Added several protections in the chat system to avoid system crash
Updated: Added several protections to warn user if some hardware has malfunction, like microphones or hard disks.
Updated: Added protections to avoid crashing the system when no TTS voice is found, when a TTS voice is protected or when a TTS voice is not supported
Updated: Added protections to avoid crashing the system when no Avatar is found, or when a Avatar file is damaged.

Fixed: Fixed issue of HTTP custom Tag not working with HTTPS://www…
Fixed: Fixed bug of not showing the Avatar in system startup
Fixed: Fixed bug in German Speech Recognition training
Fixed: Facebook feeds loading and listing
Fixed: Bug when listening to a Radio Station and then changing to listen to a local song, the system was playing the back the radio station.