What is Virtual Assistant Denise?

Denise is a Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant Windows desktop software. Denise is a full feature application. She was created by Guile 3D Studio, now NextOS, using its own 3D real-time proprietary graphic technology and Artificial Intelligence engine. Her main function is to assist users in human-computer interaction. She can search the web, explore and play multimedia files, read and answer e-mails, schedule and remind appointments, get and read RSS feeds aloud, run computer applications, speak aloud Skype messages and many other features.

She understands natural language, as if the user was “talking to a real person”. Denise mimics a real human being, using facial recognition, text-to-speech and speech recognition technology to identify users, understand speech questions, search for the best answers and speak aloud important information and search results. Her artificial intelligence brain can learn, adapt, be improved and modified by itself or by users by adding custom question and answers to achieve specific tasks. Denise comes with a very natural sintetized English female voice to convert any text to speech in an almost female human like voice. You can also use any other SAPI5 compatible TTS voice. She also comes with the worlds best English Speech Recognition engine for Speech Recognition. There is also the option to install Denise having Speech Recognition and TTS voices for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Denise is a very unique software. Within time, she will improve until the day no one will be able to differentiate her from a real human being. Science fiction computer assistants have finally arrived to everyone!

Please take a moment to read our FAQ page before buying Denise. There you can better understand Denise’s requirements, and the features that are missing in this first version compared to what is shown in our promotional videos.


Denise’s Real Time Graphical Interface

We’ve developed a real time graphic engine that can show 16 million colors ultra realistic characters with emotion expressions, head animations and accurate lip syncing for text to speech.
Characters can be adjusted for any screen resolution and have a transparent background.
They can be drag and drop to any screen position and change size at real time.
Character’s head moves smoothly while talking, and can express several emotions during speech.
Our engine uses 24 different mouth and lip positions for the lip sync (visemes, the visual representation of phonemes), what gives a great and natural real time talking impression with any text to speech language.

She works great even in slower processor computers, like netbooks and tablets.

Face Detection and Recognition

Denise have an advanced face recognition engine.

This can be used to:

  • Start the System
  • Security Access
  • Start a conversation targeting a specific user
  • Change users preferences
  • Grant Access to facilities when connected to automation systems
  • Makes Denise follow users face while talking

Note: This feature is already available in Beta for Denise Platinum and Business users

Speech Recognition in Command Mode

Denise uses a great Speech Recognition engine to understand short voice commands, words and phrases.

  • Use voice to command the computer
  • Control music and video playing (Start, stop, skip, ask for song, up/down volume)
  • Control web page navigation
  • Ask Denise to check e-mail, news, weather, show photos, videos and open applications
  • User can add and customize voice commands for specific action

Nuance Dragon 12.5 is included for Speech Recognition in Dictation Mode. Speech Recognition works better with good USB noise canceling headset microphones and silent ambients.

Text to Speech with Nuance High Quality US English voice

Advanced voice synthesis engine to convert any text to speech. Denise comes with one of the best English TTS voices called Samantha as well as the option for installing a Spanish and a Brazilian Portuguese voice, developed by Nuance, the company that makes several of the best TTS voices available today. New TTS voices for other languages will be available soon or can be purchase from companies like IVONA.

Denise speaks aloud new e-mails, latest news from RSS feeds, weather forecast, personal appointments alerts, search results, Wikipedia content, incoming Skype messages, song names and any other text showing in your desktop.

Select and drag and drop any text over Denise’s face to make her read it aloud!

AIML Custom Tags

Guile 3D Studio created more than 60 new custom tags to be used with AIML categories. These tags controls all aspects and features of Denise system, and can be used with user’s custom AIML files.

With this tags, you can create AIML categories that customize Denise’s behavior. For example, you can create a AIML category linked with a voice command called “System Status”, and this could trigger Denise to do several actions at once, like checking your e-mail, telling you the time, date and weather information etc…

Weather Forecast

  • Denise checks and say current temperature
  • Weather Forecast

E-mail Send and Receive

Denise e-mail features:

  • Periodically checks and notifies you when new e-mails arrive
  • Speaks Aloud new e-mail’s sender, subject and body content
  • Write and send new e-mail
  • List your e-mails

News from RSS feeds

Denise retrieves and reads latest news from RSS feeds

  • RSS feeds added according user’s preferences
  • Denise reads news title or full text
  • Customized Interval for Denise to read last news feed
  • New RSS channels can be added
  • News are displayed in categories, like Business, Technology, Health, Sports

Keep informed all the time

  • Appointments and Meetings
  • Convert Text from Magazines and Books to voice using a Hand Scanner to make Denise to Speak it Aloud
  • Weather Forecast
  • New E-mails
  • Latest News
  • Add custom Questions and Answers to Denise’s Brain
  • Facebook posts updates
  • Outside Temperature
  • Computer Status (Battery, Memory)
  • Skype Messages
  • Random information according user’s likes and interest

Computer Searching

Search for computer files, images, songs and videos

Web Searching

Finally you can use natural language to search the web for information, pictures and videos

  • Search the web and get results from search engines or from Wikipedia, M.I.T START and Concept Net, and others
  • Ask everything using natural language, like “What’s the temperature of Mars?”
  • Result queries can be spoken to you
  • Searches can return images and videos associated with the query
  • Use Denise’s Brain Editor to customize the way she searches the web

Media Player

Play and control all your multimedia files

  • List all your songs and keeps them indexed for fast access
  • Use natural language to play a song, like “Play classical music”, or “Play Coldplay” or “Play amazing” ( will play all songs with the word “Amazing” on its title )
  • Use voice to play, stop, skip songs, up / down volume
    Play songs asking for the name, artist or genre
  • Music volume is decreased if Denise has something important to say to you
  • Build custom Playlists

Video Player

Play and control all your multimedia files

  • Watch all your videos and keeps them indexed for fast access
  • Use natural language to search the Internet for videos
  • Play Internet videos inside Denise’s chat

Skype Integration

Social Communities with a Futuristic touch:

  • Denise speaks aloud incoming Skype messages from your contacts
  • Remote control Denise using your SmartPhone via Skype
  • Make Skype free Phone calls using Denise

Web Radio

Listen do web radio stations

  • Several stations pre-included
  • Add your own favorite stations
  • Music volume is decreased if Denise has something important to say to you
  • Use voice to change stations and control volume

Image Browser

Organize all your photos and videos

  • Use natural language to find and open an image
  • Save images from web search results
  • Upload your pictures and videos to Picasa or YouTube in a easy and fast way

Open Computer Applications

You don’t need to spend time anymore trying to find a icon or shortcut to open an application. You can just type or say:

  • Open Word
  • Open new Document
  • Run Windows Explorer
  • Open Finance.xml
  • Go to USAToday web site
  • Open Winamp

Theaters and Movies Showtime

  • See what is playing on Theaters
  • Theaters’ location and Movies Showtime


Use natural language to ask for directions and places:

  • “Where is Success St in Miami?”
  • “How can I get to 5th Av. From here?”
  • “Find French restaurants in New York”
  • “Search for a Car Rental near by”

Wikipedia Search

  • Search Wikipedia using natural language
  • Denise speaks aloud articles
  • Automatically search and display images, pictures and further information related to article

Holy Bible

Search and make Denise reads any passage from the Holy Bible. Use natural language to look for passages, verses and books:

  • “Genesis 1:1-2:10″

Text Translation

Text Translation in 50 languages using natural language and on-line Dictionary:

  • “Translate I love you to French”
  • “Denise, translate I’m looking for the train Station” to German


Online dictionary.
Ask Denise:

  • Whats the meaning of Artificial Intelligence
  • What does the word Avatar means
  • Dic Avatar
  • Android meaning

Artificial Intelligence Engine

We developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence Engine focused on Computer and Multimedia Operations, Web Searches and Personal Schedule and Appointments, all using natural language.

Denise is not a chat-bot, but you can talk to her about anything, just for fun. She will learn from you and her intelligence will grow the more you use and talk to her.
Our team also will keep improving our AI engine to reach a point you will not be able to differentiated Denise from a real person.

  • Build your own pieces of knowledge and modify default answers using Denise’s built in Artificial Intelligence Editor.
  • Use your own AIML set files (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) in any language.

PandoraBots Interface Integration

Pandorabots is an experimental software robot hosting service based on the work of Dr. Richard Wallace and the A.L.I.C.E./AIML free software community.
With Denise you can:

  • Use Denise’s as the graphic interface connected to your Pandorabot ID account
  • Chat with your web bot using Denise chat windows
  • Receive your bot’s answers using Denise text to speech capabilities

Artificial Intelligence Editor (Build your own Knowledge Base)

Build and edit your own pieces of knowledge. Create custom databases with questions and answers or use your already AIML set files (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) in any language.

Denise Platinum Version also comes with more than 6.000 editable AIML categories to control Denise and all her features. You can use these files to modify her answers or to translate them to other languages, this way Denise will speak your language (if you have a text to speech in the specific language)

Use of Custom AIML sets in any language

In addition to Denise’s own AIML files, you can add to her Artificial Intelligence your own customs AIML sets in any language.

Please note that to make Denise read AIML categories in languages other than English, you need to have a Text to Speech engine in the specific language installed in your computer.

Free Chat with your new Best friend Denise

Denise has a great database with overall knowledge to talk to you just for fun. If you need a friend you can talk to any time, any day of the week, you can count on Denise as your new best friend. Her free talking ability will grow fast, and you will sure be amazed with some of her answers.

Note: Since Denise has the ability to learn by itself from on line data, she can eventually gives you answers that cannot be appropriate for every audience. We are working on user’s custom filters to avoid that.

Agenda for Appointments and Meetings

Denise can control your appointments, personal tasks and to dos, meetings, wake up alarms, medicine hours, events and personal information.

Never forget an important meeting! Denise will alert you by speaking aloud your appointments.

Make Denise wake you up playing your favorite songs, personal messages or any other custom action.

Web TV

With Denise you can watch on line Web TV channels.

Upload Images and Videos to YouTube and Picasa

Denise can detect USB Pen Drives and Memory Cards with songs, photos and videos, copy them to your computer and optionally upload it to your free Picasa and YouTube account.

She will also gives you the web link you can share with your friends to access your images.

Convert Music CD to MP3

Convert your Music CD’s to .mp3 files, and save them in your computer. You can then ask Denise to play these songs for you.

Google and Bing Search

When searching the web, Denise uses several on line databases, but you can ask her to search only specific search engines, like Google, Bing, Wikipedia or any other available.

M.I.T START Search

M.I.T START Search and Concept Net are on-line databases created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

They have millions of questions/answers that Denise can search using natural language.

Use other synthesized TTS voices in any language

With Denise Platinum version you can use any SAPI5 TTS (Tex to Speech) Voice in any language. You can buy these TTS voices from its vendors, just be sure they work with 3rd part applications.

Guile 3D Studio will soon offer several other TTS Voice options in several languages that will be offered with Denise.

(Note: We do not offer support for TTS voices purchased from other vendors. Denise may not work correctly with Loquendo TTS Voices)

Editable English Commands AIML sets (Very useful for localizing to other languages)

Denise Platinum Version comes with more than 6.000 editable Answer/Question AIML categories, that you can customize or use as reference for translating to other languages.

Speech Recognition in Dictation Mode with Nuance Dragon (Already Available in Beta!)

We have just release the update that adds Speech Recognition for dictating documents, e-mails and free talking with Denise using Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5 engine embedded.

We are in Beta Phase for this feature.

Build and Customize your own Voice Commands for better Speech Recognition

Denise comes with several voice commands to use with speech recognition, but with Denise Platinum Version you can add your own voice commands that can also trigger several custom actions, like opening applications and executing any computer related task.

Kiosk Studio Module (Build PowerPoint like presentations with Denise)

The Kiosk Studio is a full feature application that comes with Denise, and gives you all the tools to create custom “PowerPoint Like” presentations, using Denise as the main actress.

It is a great tool to build products, e-learning or academic presentations using Denise and text to speech.

You create new slides by positioning Denise, your text, multimedia files and action buttons.

SDK (Partially Available)

Denise comes with several tools to customize her.

Current Available Tools:

  • AIML Custom Tags SDK (to customize Denise’s Artificial Intelligence)
  • AIML Brain Editor SDK (to create and edit new Knowledge bases)
  • Kiosk Studio (to make PowerPoint like presentations)

Soon to be released Tools:

  • Custom Application Builder SDK (to build small custom applications linked to Denise)
  • Custom Avatar Builder SDK (to create new Avatars like Denise)

Business Use (At office / Kiosks)

With Denise Business Version, your company can use Denise in Public Kiosks or integrated within your custom application or commercial software. One Business license comes with 4 (four) computer installation keys.


With Denise Business Version, you can change Guile 3D logo to yours in all Denise’s Interface.

E-mail / Forum Support

All versions of Denise offer customers support by e-mail, Forum and a Ticket System.

E-mail / Forum / System Analysts Support

Besides regular support by Guile 3D Support Team, Denise Business Version gives you access to a team of System Analysts to advise about integrating Denise System with custom softwares and applications.

Integration with 3rd part application

With Denise Business Version, your company can integrate all Denise’s Artificial Intelligence and Speech capabilities within your own applications. Denise can monitor important information generated by your software and read it aloud to you. (This may required some customization in custom applications and in Denise’s system. Customizations in Dennie’s system to perform special tasks with other softwares may be charged.)

Microsoft Kinects Interface (Already available in Beta for Denise Platinum and Business users)

We build an interface to make Denise works with the just released Microsoft Kinects. Imagine controlling your computer with just the movements of your hands! “Minority Report” like technology available for everyone.

This feature is already available in Beta for Denise Platinum and Business users